AnyRecon® Reconciliation helps financial institutions efficiently carry out reconciliation activities, increasing operational control and reducing costs.

AnyRecon® ensures the accurate and efficient settlement of cash movements, providing greater visibility across correspondent accounts and in turn, enabling the optimal use of funds.

As a leading provider of reconciliation solutions for banks – including cash management, mobile banking and more…

CredenTek provides an industry-leading reconciliation solution. This solution gives the ability to match and reconcile transactions in real time along with integrated exception processing.

Regardless of the source, transactions and data are processed in real-time on a single platform, including Nostro accounts, cash, checks, system-to-system messages and more.

AnyRecon Modules

Bank Reconciliation

NBFC Reconciliation

ATM Reconciliation

GST Reconciliation

UPI Reconciliation

IMPS Reconciliation

RTGS/NEFT Reconciliation

RBI Accounts Reconciliation

Payment Aggregators Reconciliation

AEPS Reconciliation