Integrated Door-Step Delivery System (iDDS)


With more corporates and merchants being on-boarded into the corporate banking system, transactions of cash are increasing every day. Merchants devote staff time to physically bring the cash into bank branches for deposit/withdrawal or hand it over to a carrier service at pre-defined frequencies. Even the reconciliation of such transactions becomes long and hectic for the bank. With automated cash and cheque pick-up and delivery service, Banks need to provide more innovative and improved
services to gain customer loyalty. The quicker and smoother a Bank can deliver services to its customers in a highly secured manner at their doorstep, the more differentiating factor it creates in the market. As part of Cash Management Service offerings, most Banks provide cash and cheque pickup and delivery service (DSB). The iDDS (Door Step Delivery System) solution can extend these services at the corporate’s place with full automation and real-time tracking.