An Effective Wireless Solution for outdoor internet access for its users even at a remote location

Under the PM-Wani Scheme, this ecosystem unbundles the ecosystem of Wi-Fi operations and deployment and enables multiple PDOs to be a part of the ecosystem for offering affordable broadband. The OneIndiaWiFi Network helps you to become a Public Data Office (PDO) and provide WiFi service.


Frequently Asked Questions

This scheme helps in providing a WiFi WAP Device for the PDOs for them to provide cheap internet access to the people who are out of reach, especially in the rural areas.

This device has a network throughput of up to 150 meters.

Yes, this device can be connected with just one router’s bandwidth. However the given router must have good internet speed.

The OneIndiaWiFi Device is a government-made device provided by the C-DOT Agency and distributed by the Public Data Office Aggregators.

Yes, This device can provide 360-degree omnidirectional internet connectivity within its installed location.

Yes, It is mandatory to have a Broadband connection to connect to the device.

There is a usual 80%-20% revenue share for the PDOs. However, our plans provide 100% shared revenue plans as well. Check out the website for more details.

No, this device can be operated even if the internet speed is not 100mbps. However, 100mbps is the recommended internet speed to have.

Yes, currently we provide an Android App (iOS not supported yet) for your users to use the app for connecting to the internet with your WAP device.

Yes, The device Supports Android TV, Laptops, Desktops and many such devices which are Wi-Fi Enabled.

Only one broadband connection will be needed to install a device. However you will have to increase the bandwidth of your broadband connection for multiple devices due to bandwidth division.

No, it is not mandatory to connect only one broadband connection.

Yes, even it being an outdoor device, OneIndiaWiFi device can be connected indoors to users being at their home.

Yes, given the right bandwidth and internet speed with your broadband connection, users can stream any video streaming service with the given recharge plan.

No, this WAP device isn’t provisioned with any video streaming/OTT subscription service.