A Comprehensive Managed Data Exchange Solution For Enterprise Needs

FanTail-P provides an enterprise-quality, secure, real-time, reliable, auditable, automatic, accurate and extremely fast solution for data exchange between two or more heterogeneous systems. This system provides a  comprehensive entitlement layer for defining various rules for access control within an organization to ensure that highly sensitive data is accessible to selected executives only.


FanTail-P Modules

Host-To-Email (H2E)

File delivered to your customers, partners & suppliers via e-mail.


Scan e-mail, extract files and send them for processing to a processor.

Database-To-Host (D2H)

Create a file by extracting records from database and send to your customer.

Secure Partner Gateway Server

An ultra-secure alternative to the SFTP server deployed in DMZ.

Advanced Host-To-Host (H2H++)

Easy chaining of activities, Host to Host File Transfer.