UPI Reconciliation (Case Study)


UPI Reconciliation is a single platform that merges various banking services and features under one umbrella.

A UPI ID and PIN are sufficient to send and receive money. Real-time bank-to-bank payments can be made using a mobile number or virtual payment address (UPI ID).

Fund transfer through UPI is the one of famous digital payment modes in India.

Problem Statement

T+ 0 Reconciliation Required
0 Files To Decrypt Manually
0 Files To Upload & Reconcile Manually
Manual Reconciliation Success Rate

– Tedious To Perform Cycle-Wise Recon.

– Manual Handling Of 50+ Files For A Day.

– Decryption Of Encrypted Files.

– Manual Matching Error-Prone Process.

– Critical To Complete Recon Within TAT.

– Increasing Transaction Volume.

– Time Consuming Manual Activity.

– Dependency Of Skilled Resources During Working Hours.

– Possible To Perform Recon On T+1.

Solution Provided

Credentek has implemented The AnyRecon UPI Reconciliation, an STP solution for all problem statements.

– Auto connects to the NPCI and other SFTP servers to fetch data files.

– Auto decryption of encrypted files.

– 24×7 Reconciliation.

– Rule-based three-way recon between CBS-NPCI-SWITCH.

– Auto Generation of BRS & MIS reports.

– STP takes approximately 1 hour for all activities i.e.

  • File Pickup -> Decrypt -> Normalize -> Apply Rule -> Ready with MIS.

– Cycle-wise recon on T itself.



– Removed manual intervention.

– No person dependency.

– Complete (E2E) Automated Solution (reduction of manpower).

– No need for manual decryption of the file.

– No need to copy files from the NPCI Portal for upload.

– No need to upload the file in .xls for reconciliation.

– Reduced file Processing time.